One of the most common body issues women face nowadays is cellulite. It is that fat deposit below your skin surface, which is almost impossible to treat with conventional fat reduction techniques. Our solution for your is this revolutionary combination of manual treatments with Endermologie and “Private Aqua-biking concept" both promising a re-sculpted shape.



Slimming and toning - 40 min




Body Shaping - 30 - 45 min



Slimming and toning - 20 - 30 - 50 min


Combining cycling, hydrotherapy and massage, all in the privacy of a hot tub, Spabike will offer you a highly ef cient and soothing way to get and stay in shape. Cycling in water is the best form of draining that exists to date and has remarkable results in helping losing weight and reducing cellulite. Regular sessions of Spabike will improve posture, rede ne the silhouette and help burns calories. 


The latest Endermolab Cellulite and Fat reduction Technology from LPG is a safe and no-pain treatment, using mechanical rolling massage technique to effectively treat your cellulite, saddlebags, loose sagging skin & localized fat.


With its patented and clinically proven technology, the Proionic® System is by far your best beauty solution, working from within, and providing great aesthetic effects in facial and body treatments, from anti-ageing to lifting and cellulite treatment.